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Pollisree is a non-government development organization who start its work on 1987 to increase the socio-economic condition of under privileged community. In this continuation process respective project start it work at six upazila under Dinajpur district to create women leadership, socio-economic development, reduce gender discrimination, proper utilization of local resources, stop VAW especially DV, received different serviced from different service providing agencies and make access to incorporate at different social and political structure.more

Md. Moinul Haque 01755-619066, 01975-619066 Pollisree, Balubari, Dinajpur.

The project is intended to empower indigenous Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Local Authorities (LAs) and communities to promote most vulnerable peoples' social development through access to Social Safety Net Programs (SSNPs). Local government department has their set up at union, Upazila, district and central level. However Disaster& relief department, Social welfare, Women Affair and other relevant department don’t have their setup at union but they work through the local government body (Union Council) in the rural area. So the accountability of those organizations and scope of participation of the vulnerable peoples' are very much important for social safety net programs. Pollisree is a local organization and have permanent existence in the working area beyond the project. For that reason, we have strong connectivity with local authorities which help the project to build linkage between the target group and duty bearers. Pollisree has strong relation with the union and different government offices. Apart from that we have very good relation with the local government bodies and local media. The acceptance of the organization to the local people, government official, local government, civil society and other stakeholders is very high and that is why we are the perfect organization to implement such kind of rights based project. The staff are getting advantage of the relationship in implementing the project activities.more

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This Project significantly contributes to the achievement of priority area of this CSOs in their efforts to strengthen democratic governance, to promote transparency and accountability of decision-making, policy implementation and delivery of justice as well as the empowerment of the stakeholders concerned. The action pays particular attention to the inclusions and the rights of the most vulnerable groups. With its comprehensive approach combining awareness raising, capacity building, facilitation of democratic dialogue, research and advocacy measures, the action is designed to enhance CSOs’ active role in democratic governance and accountability processes with public authorities. More specifically, the target group will increase its capacity, operational competencies, space and readiness to act as monitors, advocates and partners in policy dialogue and to provide information and expertise to foster transparency and participation. Specific focus is given to enhance the inclusion of vulnerable groups in CSOs as well as in governance and accountability processes with LAs. The action puts emphasis on effective partnership and creative forms of democratic dialogue between CSOs and public authorities. To achieve these objectives, it interlinks CSOs on local, regional and national level for advocacy on improving the quality and effectiveness of public policies and fair management of public resources. The cooperation with the Bangladesh Forum Germany (see associates) backs these efforts from international level. The empowerment of all stakeholders concerned, in particular members of vulnerable groups as civil society (CS) actors, as well as CSOs and public authorities from local to national level, is at the centre of the action’s design. At local and regional level, it concentrates on conflict-prone regions with high rates of discrimination against vulnerable groups and malfunctioning cooperation mechanisms between CSOs and LAs. The Pollisree focus on effective inclusion of marginalised groups in CSOs, notably ultra-poor women and people belonging to religious and indigenous minorities, for participatory decisionmaking and joint actions. Based on the concrete experiences on local and regional level, the co-applicants contribute in cooperation with the national CSO platform on democratic dialogue and the applicant NETZ to reformation of discriminatory policies and laws. In particular they advocate for improved application of the insufficiently executed Right to Information (RTI) Act. The RTI Act is utilised to strengthen democratic governance by making LAs and other authorities accountable, to prevent corruption and to secure land entitlements for vulnerable groups. more

Kazi Masudur Rahman Bolea Road (Adjacent to Upazilla Parishad), Kaharole, Dinajpur.

To contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty (SDG 1) and hunger (SDG 2) in Bangladesh.more

Mostofa Kamal, Project Coordinator, PROSPECT Project 01716963886 House# 167, Road#1,Dhap, kotkipara, Rangpur

1. 12,500 HRDs from local to national level are capacitated to protect and promote rights of marginalised communities in 12 sub-districts and to engage in conflict-sensitive democratic dialogue with public authorities 2. HRDs organised in 378 civil society organisations (CSOs) from local to national level and in 72 high schools in 12 sub-districts are visible and recognised as important civic actors for the protection and promotion of human rights of marginalised communities. 3. Effective cooperation mechanisms between CSOs and public authorities from local to national level exist for the promotion of inclusive development and the protection of the rights of marginalised communitiesmore

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