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Evolution of Pollisree at a Glance


Changes taking place


·              Introduction of Handicraft (Embroidery) & tailoring training by VGD Program.

·              Registered with Social Welfare No. Dinaj 340/1987

·              Affiliated with Family Planning No. Po/Po/Di-14

·              Indorse membership of ADAB.


·              Opening of Family planning Activities.

·              Provided Training Support to the Cooperative society for Rajshahi and Khulna Divisions.


·              Organizing the rural distressed people.

·              Starting Family Planning activities by GOB.


·              Transformation of Family Planning in MCH and FP activities and expansion of working area, increase of worker funded by ODA/BPHC.

·              Starting micro-credit as small wise at the local target people by own fund.


·              Received fund from CAA for institutional building program.

·              Start of education program,

·              Purchase of land for own building of the organization

·              Pay fixed up for all workers of the organization

·              Increased acceptability of the organization for providing relief and rehabilitation support to the flood victim during the flood of 1991.

·              Affiliated with NGO Affairs Bureau : No. 469/1991


·         Expansion of education activities & introduction mass education.

·         Received grant fund for building construction from BftW and PROSIKA.


·         Starting of second phase program on completion of the evaluation of MCH, FP and CDP project. Funding for MCH & FP project was channeled directly instead of local NGO, SPP.

·         Agreement with PKSF to provide us fund as a micro-credit program

·         A forestation program was taken up and all program of Pollisree were re-modeled

·         Installation total sanitation at existing area.

·         Registered with Women Affairs No. Dinaj 16/1993.


·         Task for formulating different guidelines for the organization were taken up and which the “worker management manual” was completed ant it was introduced in the organization.

·         Attempts were initiated to strengthening monitoring system and initiative to strengthen the training centre of the organization.


·         Start & finishing of the construction work of the building of the organization and steps to sustainability on way ahead.

·         Received fund for first floor construction of main building from British high commission.


·         End of the set time frame of the second phase of activities of the organization and starting of implementation of the 3rd phase in accordance with the recommendations of evaluation reports.

·         Establishing gender and training cell for upgrading the standard of the program.

·         Formulation of guideline, manuals and the strategic plan were accomplished.

·         BftW start to promote as a co donor fund for institution building program.


·         Pollisree was taken the ‘Gender Concept’ as an important issue of development and formed Gender Cell within the organization to look after on this issue also prepared a draft policy on Gender.

·         Pollisree was funded by PKSF to reduce poverty within the organizational working area and start to RMC program

·         Provide  skill training to DWA based organization by IFADEF -01

·         Purchase land for Training Center-02 at Amtoli, Chirirbandar.


·         Agriculture Program has been launched as per demand of poor and marginal farmers.

·         Flood hit the whole country and Pollisree organized a massive relief and emergency rehabilitation program.

·         Working area of Pollisree was divided in 5 sub- areas and set up 5 Unit offices with necessary staff.

·         Taking training on promoting agriculture sector by MCC

·         Develop a network against oppression of women (NAOW) with 30 NGO’s


·         Construction of Pollisree Training Centre-2 at Amtoli, Chirirbandar.

·         Micro-Enterprise Development project was launched for creating employment opportunities for the landless day labors.

·         Develop another network POWER


·         Extension of working area at Nababganj, Kaharol and Ghoraghat upazila

·         Expansion of health program

·         Launching of monitoring cell and staff provident fund.


·         Exclusive program was initiated on Ending Violence Against Women with the support of Oxfam GB.

·         Strengthen the initiatives to combat women and child trafficking by CWCS

·         Joint program taken with the Directorate of Women Affairs (EC fund) on Food Security of the VGD cardholders at the rural area.

·         Specialized Agriculture program taken with the support of CARE


·         Specialized program taken for development of Urban Poor with the support of CARE-Bangladesh

·         The whole program reviewed and a 5 years Strategic Plan developed


·         At this moment total 11-project office is running having with 185 full time staff


·         Ending violence against women program taken up.

·         Manusher Jonno Foundation (one of the DFID fund project) committed to support to Ending Violence against Women program.

·         Adolescent reproductive health program taken up.

·         HIV/AIDS prevention project taken up by UNICEF

·         Lunching “We Can” Campaign by OXFAM- GB


·         Working with Indigenous peoples by OXFAM- GB

·         Change Maker formation.

·         Alliance builds up to other district

·         Reviewed gender policy.

·         Provide awareness program for Adolescent by BCCP


·         Networking with another organization for “We Can” Campaign.

·         Review organizational polices (Financial & Management).

·         Start to work with ultra poor program by the funded of PKSF

·         To Construct own unit office at Komolpur under Dinajpur district.


·         Expand working area in another District

·         Start to work with seasonal loan program by the funded of PKSF

·         Work with different stakeholder especially poorest of the poor.


·         Expand working area in another District on VAW and DV ( WE CAN ) funded by Oxfam-Novib

·         Increase trade of Income and Employment through PKSF

·         Start to work to primary stage on poor women economical leadership


·         Start to work with Dalit community to empower

·         Preparation to develop Strategy Planning for 2010 -2015

·         Organization system review by ACNABIN


·         Expand livelihood program for indigenous community (AMADER) funded by NETZ-Bangladesh

·         Start VGD program funded by Government of Bangladesh ( W&C ministry)

·         Start Climate change adaptation project in Nilphamari funded by Oxfam GB

·         Develop organizational strategy planning for five years (2010-2015) with five direction


·         Celebrate 25 years ceremony of organization established.

·         Additional asset transfer to the adolescent for increasing their earning to maintain educational expense funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation.

·         Start new technology transfer project for indigenous community (STEP-UP) funded by European Union

·         Start project on develop sustainable women entrepreneur funded by World Bank.

·         Formed new executive committee of Pollisree for next three years.

·         Review staff management policy and finance policy


·         Start project on livelihood option of trans gender community funded by Oxfam

·         Review the guideline of Food bank and Ideal village

·         Start project on FSTP for sustainable livelihood funded by Oxfam


·         Start project on political leadership for develop active citizen funded by Oxfam

·         Expand LHDP for increase women leadership at Dinajpur and Dimla

·         Formed new executive committee of Pollisree for next two years.


·         Start new project on married adolescent girls (IMAGE) at Nilphamari

·         Expand POWEP program at Birgonj and Fulbari upazila

·         Review organizational strategic plan (2010-2015)


·         Start new project on urban development with resilient community at Rangpur City corporation

·         Expand Asset transfer project with the fund of BMZ after successfully completion of EU funded


·         Start a new project on strengthening CSO funded by EU and supported by NETZ

·         Start a new project on Unpaid care work with two likes minded partner at Rangpur (SEED) and Jamalpur (Gono Chetona )

·         Start a new project on ensuring safety-net EVPRA to real beneficiaries which funded by EU and supported by World Vision

·         Start a project on Political awareness increase among the adolescent and mass people which is funded by Oxfam


·         Start a new project on Creating space to take action on violence against women & Girls funded by Oxfam

·         Start ongoing project named REE-CALL -2021

·         Quick response on unwanted flood at Dinajpur.


·         Quick response on Flood

·         Start rehabilitation program with 2000 family after flood through the different support from our donor like – NETZ, OXFAM, Sajeda foundation, DFID.

·         Support blanket to the 6000 needy family

·         Support 6000 family in different ways after flood with rehabilitation work.

·         Start a new project on Livelihood named DABI funded by NETZ


·         Start a new project on Climate Change named REAP funded by NETZ at Nilphamari district.

·         Start a new project on Ensure rights of marginalized named PROSPECT funded by NETZ at Rangpur.

·         Start a new project to reduce VAWG, funded by MJF at Nilphamari district.


·         Finished successfully Initiative Married Adolescent Empowerment Project

·         Strategy planning start for 2020-2025

·         Provide support to beneficiaries Covid-19 situations.

·         Experience gathered on on Covid-19

·         Provide food, cash and other support to the villager at 03 districts.

·         Review and develop policies which are appropriate for the organization.

·         Finished safety-net related EVPRA project which was funded by World Vision.


·         Ongoing

·         Finished successfully Initiative Married Adolescent Empowerment Project

·         Strategy planning start for 2020-2025

·         Provide support to beneficiaries on Covid-19 situations.

·         Experience gathered on Covid-19

·         Provide food, cash and other support to the villager at 03 districts.

·         Review and develop policies which are appropriate for the organization.

Finished safety-net related EVPRA project which was funded by World Vision.

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