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To enabling women to emerge as social leaders and transform their leadership quality into power so as to uphold women human rights and reaching decision making positions in the family and the community through advocacy and awareness build up, alliance formation among women. more

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To reduce all violence against women, to reduce gender discrimination from family and to change of behavior & attitude on this issue “family work is all member of family’s work” for increase involvement of male in the family work, to highlight women leadership, to increase the rate women participation & involvement in the economic activities, to make alliance among women young people, to active the community people for protect and stopped early marriage and dowry from family and society, to increase awareness on prevalent law, to bring a change of unaccepted behavior & attitude of government service providers, to organize shalish meting with counseling for survivors, to increase dignity & recognition of women contribution in their family and to support for build up violence against women free model villae.more

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The principle methodology of this project is that for sustainable changes in attitude and behavior to be achieved ,change must come from within ,and be multi layered – involving individuals ,communities, leaders and governments. Based on this principle, this action focuses specifically on enabling youth from diverse religious and ethnic groups (Key demographic groups in all 3 countries ) to analyze existing religious intolerance and discriminations within their societies and take effective actions locally and nationally for positive change. It will foster dialogue between youth and traditional and religious leaders and local frameworks of inclusion and gender equality and thus effectively advocate for positive change, The action will innovatively focus on building capacity and interest of young media persons (focus on women) to combat discrimination of religious minorities and non-believers, Youth networks will be linked to private sector mobile service providers and CSR initiatives through the use of mobile technology. Local ownership will be strengthened at the community level through the mobilization of youth activists and the formation of community Based Human Rights Forums. At the local ,national and regional level ownership of the action by minorities and women will be emphasized and their voices strengthened through use of social media .All the stakeholders will be linked to international campaigns like Musawah (the campaigns for equality and justice in muslim families ) and the UNESCO initiated Global Alliance for Media and Gender(Beginning platform for Action and MDG3) more

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Pollisree is non government development organization established in 1987 and implementing various socio economic activities to improve poor and deprived people’s condition. There is no recognition of women’s homestead works especially at Dinajpur, Rangpur, Nilphamari and Jamalpur upazilas. Though women spent their maximum hours of the day for these activities and all employee women have to accomplished both office and homestead tasks. So the working load on women is increasing day by day but till the date there is no recognition of their work. It holds that these works are valueless. Increase working skill of women and growth rate of the state this project will keep a special role by making the women efficient and demand the value of these works through sensitization attitude develop among at the all level of the society. more

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The proposed five-year program (2015-2020) will reduce violence against women and girls, including: the prevalence of early and forced marriage, through coordinated prevention and response initiatives that will directly reach 245,000 women and girls in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines. Violence against women in many countries throughout Asia is rising rapidly and taking a huge toll on families, economies and productivity. The widespread prevalence of violence against women and girls is particularly acute when it comes to: domestic violence and marital rape; child, early and forced marriages; and trafficking in women and girls. Despite considerable progress in establishing policies and programs, implementation of these has been slow. The slow pace of change is largely the result of deeply entrenched cultural values, attitudes and practices that are rooted in gender stereotypes and discrimination that perpetuate exploitation and violence against women and girls. The proposed program builds on compelling global evidence on combating violence against women and girls: the most effective strategies engage a broad range of social actors, as well as institutional and political leaders, in efforts to reduce the social acceptance of gender-based violence and related practices. Program outcomes will be threefold: 1) the active engagement of community leaders (including religious, private sector, and political leaders) and youth (both girls and boys) in advancing women’s rights, women’s leadership and the elimination of violence against women and girls by building the capacity of these actors to change their attitudes, norms and behaviours, and to strengthen standards, legislation, and regulations. The program will also: 2) ensure that women and girls who have been affected by violence and child, early and forced marriage are able to ensure their long-term well-being by accessing support services, such as safe spaces (shelters), and psycho-social support, as well as economic opportunities that allow them to thrive free of violence. Finally, Oxfam will leverage its global, national and regional capacity to: 3) support strategic linkages, national and regional alliances and innovative knowledge and accountability systems that advance the rights of women and girls. more

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Pollisree implement the IMAGE project worked in Sangolshi union under Nilphamari Sadar Upazila and Botlagari union under Saidpur Upazila of Nilphamari district from December’2014 reduced circumstance of early married adolescent girls through sexual and reproductive health and their rights, education, livelihoods, nutrition, and protection against domestic violence issue. more

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